Farewell, David Mancuso


Our friend and inspiration, David Mancuso, died this week.

Our debt to him is incalculable. David was the founder of the Loft, the New York dance party which inspired so many other parties, clubs. DJs producers and dancers over 4 decades – from the Gallery to our own Beauty and the Beat. We met and first danced together as a trio at Lucky Cloud parties in London that David hosted. He taught us the arts of audiophile sound and of egoless musical hosting. He got us the speakers that we still use at every party (you can read the full story on our website). He helped and motivated so many of our friends to develop the scene that today includes Classic Album Sundaysbrilliant corners, and so much more. 

David was a creative pioneer who brought the spirit of the counterculture onto the dancefloor, in the process developing the dance party as a whole new collective art-form. Everything we have done – everything – has been to try to follow his example and to bring his ideas to life in our own unique situation.

We will miss him terribly, and we will miss him always. But we bid him farewell in the knowledge that his ideas and his legacy remain stronger and more alive now than ever before, and that we will go on playing our small part to keep them so.

Some of our friends have already written moving tributes of their own (see Jem’s, Tim’s and Colleen’s , and there will be many more to come. Like so many others, we will go on paying tribute to him in our hearts and with our dancing bodies, every single time a needle touches vinyl.

Thank you for everything David.